Of us

Baby Footprints posters were created against the background of a well-known story - a mother of small children, who had the desire to create something from scratch, for herself and her children. By doing this I thought I could offer the same to others and so here it is. Not that there are already few e-shops in this landscape or that I sell something unique, but the products are made with tender mother's hands, love and care.

Of course, I have drawn the pictures myself. Initially, the plan was to make 12 characters, but over time (discussing with my friend Marelle) it became clear that imitating the Chinese zodiac is a more sensible way to go. I sincerely hope that these pictures can play an important role in preserving the memories of your children's first years. And I also believe that these pictures enhance the magical and fairy-tale atmosphere of the children's room 🤍

Thinking of Lenna and Gregor.

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